Bustling Bangkok. Calm Chiang Mai.

Currently at Chiang Mai domestic airport and Bangkok bound. Flight is an hr and a bit delayed which is a bit annoying but no dramas. I seem to blog when I’m at the airport but I guess it’s the only time I can sit and put my thoughts together while waiting for a flight.
So far on the trip…
Safely arrived in Bangkok after a stopover and waited for Loui to come. Bangkok is 3hrs behind Sydney time but we weren’t really affected by it in any way.

I honestly thought Bangkok would be more hectic than Seoul but it didn’t seem to be the case. It’s still extremely busy and the traffic is horrible at times. However, it’s a hard place to go around by foot and although the BTS system is decent, I can’t say it’s the best means to get around to see the whole city. Went around the Siam shopping area, Pratunam markets where we bought a quite few things like beer shirts, souvenirs etc, did the Grand Palace tour which is amazing, got a fish spa, went to Khao San Road where all the foreigners and backpackers join and it is buzzing. You can’t forget the food here! Wherever you go, you know there will be good food regardless. The street food is so cheap and so good as well as the banana pancakes that they make for you on the spot!

Grand Palace
On our way to the Grand Palace
After spending 2 nights in Bangkok, we caught an overnight sleeper train up north to Chiang Mai. It was a 13 hour journey and we were in a four berth no door but it was clean, comfortable and a really good experience. The slight rocking of the train definitely got me to sleep 😉 Looking out the window, you went through rice paddies, farms and the jungle.
Chiang Mai is beautiful. It is the Thailand I imagined. Unlike Bangkok where it’s quite dirty, extremely busy and touristy, Chiang Mai is definitely more quiet and serene.
On our first day, we explored Chiang Mai city, the beautiful temples and later experienced the night bazaar. Can’t forget our friend who we named “Sawadee Susie” who was the cutest lady walking around and selling jewellry and other bits and pieces.

Wat Chedi Luang
Rambutans on the street
Night markets with “Sawadee Susie”

The next day, we had a day tour, 1 hour south of Chiang Mai. We went bamboo rafting which was definitely a highlight as our guide let Liz, Loui and I steer the raft. We did elephant trekking and trust Liz and I to get the biggest elephant there! Afterwards, we went adventure trekking, walked through jungle, swam in a waterful and walked through lush rice paddies.
Bamboo Rafting
Elephant riding

That night, Liz’s friend Parisa who worked with her during her Boost Juice days, picked us up from our hotel with her boyfriend and took us out to dinner. We went to a restaurant and got to taste real northern Thailand food and the papaya salad was amazing! We headed to Monkey Bar after which is a popular bar that the locals go to… Here you can take bottles of alcohol in and you just buy the ice and mixers…we were so intrigued by this! The place was absolutely packed especially since it was the last night of drinking since it was Buddhist holiday the next day.

For Buddhist Day, we headed up the Doi Suthep (temple in the sky) to check it out. It was about 30 minutes from the city but on the way up, you could see the whole city of Chiang Mai from above which was absolutely beautiful! The temple was packed (not surprising) and there were Buddhist rituals happening which was interesting.

Can’t wait to get to the Le Meridien tonight – a 5 star luxury hotel! Then we are heading to Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan for the full moon party…exciting times ahead!!

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