The moon was full and island adventures

Before I write about how good the full moon party was and all the island adventures, I’ll go into what happened at Bangkok! We checked in to the Le Meridien at around 9pm and it was an amazing hotel! We went out to Patpong markets to grab dinner (street food). All was good and we were going to walk down the markets…all of a sudden a crazy Thai mental lady slapped Liz across the face using both her bare hands! Loui and I were as in much shock as Liz was and I am usually one to say something, but we were all speechless… Luckily we were opposite our hotel so just went in there and went up to our room. Then we could not stop laughing at what actually just happened. It is actually the funniest thing but straight after it happened it was really a “WTF” situation! We still headed out to the streets after and checked the markets out… All the men asking us “ping pong?” or “sexy men?” No thanks.
The next day we had the best sleep in on the most comfortable beds and went to the gym! We relaxed by the pool and got food and drinks by the pool. Best thing to do before heading to Koh Samui.
The full moon party was hectic! Fluorescent, glowing paint was all over our bodies and we were ready to party all night long! The atmosphere is just crazy – tens of thousands of people, fire, buckets of alcohol (filled with vodka redbull) and music that is pumping all night long. We were dancing on the sand and in the ocean and drinking til the next morning… The energy was just amazing.

The early hours of the morning was so much fun. Loui and I attempted to go to “sleep” but because of the ridiculous amount of red bull consumed, my heart was just pulsating so we could not sleep. We left our room and ended up meeting some pretty cool people. The prostitute/lady boy incident with one of the boys, talking about “bogans” and swimming in the pool as well as having the resort breakfast for free were the definite highlights haha

In the morning, we were tired and hungover but caught a 9am ferry back to Koh Samui which was a 45min ride in the bright sun (painful when hungover!)

Koh Samui is a beautiful island and has a pumping nightlife as well. The night after the FMP we went out and headed to Ark Bar for drinks on the beach and then headed to Green Mango… can’t say I’m a fan of GM as it was pretty seedy – Thai girls with white foreigners who were both equally as desperate. Foreigners go for the Thai girls as they are easy and a guaranteed root. That night Loui & I got a lift back by bike to our resort by a guy we met at our resort. We saw the sun come up and got bean bags from the pool and tried to sleep on the beach (Liz locked us out of our rooms).. We got woken up by a dog licking our faces!!! Had some hotel breakfast and went to bed soon after.

The next day, we hung out at the resort and the beach and met some guys from Melbourne. We had dinner, 30THB ($1) mojitos at the street markets and headed to Solo bar and met up with the guys. We had plentiful amount of drinks (cocktails and shots – B52 being my fave) and the bill at the end came up approx. 5600THB ($180)…..this is SO expensive for Thailand standards for drinks but didn’t have to pay. Headed to Green Mango again and bumped into some Sydney friends which was very surprising. On the way back, seeing a guy from our resort with a Thai girl was the funniest thing and made our nights (after all he was telling us about them!)

Mojitos in Koh Samui
Left Koh Samui and caught a ferry to Surantthani and a bus to Krabi. We didn’t have accommodation prebooked, so winged it. We stayed at a guesthouse in Krabi but it had a bed, toilet and fan so that was all we needed! That night, we met a lovely English girl who teaches here – she has been abroad for 18 months and is only 20, very inspiring! The next morning, made our way by ferry to Phi Phi Island. To get in to the island there is a 20THB charge “to keep the island clean and beautiful”. I must say that it truly is such a beautiful island. But the devastation of the 2004 tsunami is still visible on the island which can be seen through the infrastructure and recovery and construction is still in progress.
We stayed at a really cheap guest house as we didn’t book accommodation for our first night and didn’t want to pay a lot. It was very shit!! Definitely worse than the one in Krabi – the toilet didn’t have a flush and it was cramped and smelt pretty bad! We relaxed at the beach and the thing I loved about Phi Phi Island is that you have to walk everywhere. Being a small island with close proximity to everything made it easy. Loui and I also headed up to the viewpoint – the 15 minute uphill walk was definitely worth it as the views of the entire island were absolutely stunning!

The next day was spent doing a day trip around the Phi Phi Islands – snorkelling and stopping by various sites. Funny/interesting things that happened whilst on the tour was a guy dislocating his shoulder and our boat engine failing to start at Maya Bay. We ended up being attached to another boat all the way back to Phi Phi Don and we didn’t think we’d make it back but thankfully we did! That night we stayed at a fabulous hotel called Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel – definitely recommend it! After a fantastic seaside dinner, was going to head out but fell asleep…so didn’t make it out after all!

Phi Phi Island
Koh Phi Phi
Island hopping
Beautiful Maya Bay
Liz & I at Maya Bay
Maya Bay
Koh Phi Phi
While we were here, there are some things we say happens or when we see something out of the ordinary you think “only in Thailand”
Here are some common sayings in Thailand:
  • “Same same but different” (especially to Liz and I)
  • “Maassssaaaaaaaage?”
  • “Taxi? Tuk tuk?”
  • “Can notttttt”
  • “Where you from?”
  • “You are beautiful”
  • “You don’t look Australian”
  • “G’day mate!”

Currently at Phuket. The weather is shocking! At least the bad weather hits us at the end of our trip as we have had the best luck weather wise even though it’s meant to be rainy season! Ready to explore Phuket and its nightlife!

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