Age & Expectations

“I think the reason why twentysomethings are so fixated on age is because we feel a pressure to be a certain way at 23, at 25, at 29. There are all of these invisible deadlines with our careers and with love and drinking and drugs. I can’t do coke at 25. I need to be in a LTR at 27. I can’t vomit from drinking at 26. I just can’t! We feel so much guilt for essentially acting our age and making mistakes. We’re obsessed with this idea of being domesticated and having our shit together. It’s kind of sad actually because I don’t think we ever fully get a chance to enjoy our youth. We’re so concerned about doing things “the right way” that we lose any sense of pleasure in doing things the wrong way. Youth may be truly wasted on the young.”
I have to admit, even as a 20 year old, even I still have this thing where I make up a mental checklist of what I want to do/achieve when I’m say 22, 25, 27 or 30. This is no doubt a bad thing but if we continue to do this, you’ll feel unsatisfied if you haven’t reached that goal or achievement by a certain age. We need to live in the present instead and enjoy what we have regardless of how old we are.
Even reaching milestones becomes such a big deal. Turning 16 was where you could legally drive, 18 was reaching adulthood where you could FINALLY drink and go clubbing and 21 is most celebrated where you are finally a true “adult” and take on more responsibility and become more independent (subject to individual perception!) Even this year, it’s known as the “21st season” and literally every weekend has been filled with 21sts and these celebrations are already tiresome in a way!
Turning 21 in less than a month…! It all goes down hill from then they say (yeh right!).. Excited for the celebrations that are soon to come! xx

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