Tamworth – Eastern University Games

In a nutshell, Eastern Uni Games are held every year in July somewhere in NSW and this year it happened to be in Tamworth – the regional town in north west of NSW, or also known as Australia’s country music capital. Approximately 15 sports participate from netball to soccer to volleyball but I was in the UTS touch football team.
On Sunday morning, Renee, Steph, Lauren, Justin & I had a little road trip up to Tamworth. Our accommodation was in Lynchwood (aka shit hole) 30 minutes of out town. It was a scout camp & 15 girls were put into one small room with bunkbeds. There was no heating in the rooms hence we had to bring our sleeping bags. The toilets and showers were all separate so we had to make the dreading walk out of our rooms, just to go to the toilet or have a shower! It hit -7 degrees at night and I literally had to wear 5 layers on top and 3 layers on the bottom just to keep warm, going to sleep.
For 4/5 of the nights we were at Imperial Hotel.
Best things about uni games:
  • Court – both womens & mixed
  • 20 on the goon – or 100 on the goon
  • Then when we won the whole of EUG’s – “Who won uni games? Who won uni games??”
  • Shaggy. No questions about that. His half time speeches, the super hornsby and his general banter – best!
Themes & happenings at night!
Every night started with court where international drinking rules applied as well as other general things like match reports, nominations and recommendations, grommet challenges, love poetry and being ginnished or gooned.
Each night I had at least half a bottle of vodka as well as any other alcohol we had to drink in court. All nights are pretty much a blur and I only remember snippets of the night as we were that wasted. The drinking was intense!
  • First nightTeam Colours. Finally making it out, getting the best burger & chips & losing my phone (then finding it again)
  • Second nightHired Help. Imperial (or known as Impy) Messy, messy night!
  • Third nightOnesie. Wearing my kids size elephant onesie. Getting kicked out of Imperial for being too drunk (I know I was but I was being responsible getting water at the bar!) so walking to a random pub to stay warm & talking to the locals.
  • Fourth nightRetro Sports. Went to an RSL to watch the Origin but really I was too drunk to watch it. The screen was literally the size of a large computer screen so was struggling to keep my eyes open! Watched the disappointing end where QLD took it out 21-20. Imperial after that but was a weird night – was getting annoyed because of how packed it was, you couldn’t dance etc and just wasn’t the best night.
  • Last nightPirate party. Such a good night to finish off EUGs. However, the goon bag challenge before we left got me over. So messy!
EUG’s was such an amazing week – definitely have post uni games depression right now! I’m so sick now but it was well worth it!
The girls – onesie night

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