Verona in September

September is the perfect time to go travelling in my opinion. Italy is a great at this time of the year as the weather is still warm and generally the crowds are less.

I spent 3 nights in beautiful Verona solo. I was mainly working remotely, however I was able to explore the city in the mornings, during my lunch break and in the evenings.

There are cheap one way flights from London and getting from Verona Airport to the city centre is easy – get the 199 bus to Verona Main Station for €6 and you will be there in around 15-20 minutes. From there, it’s another 10 or so minutes to the Arena. I stayed at an airbnb in the middle of Piazza delle Erbe which was super easy to walk around the city.

Spaghetti carbonara at Emanuel Cafe

For dinner, I headed to Hostaria Vecchia Fontanina. I had the prawn bigoli with some white wine. The bigoli is a Verona specialty pasta.

Prawn bigoli

When in Italy, you can’t say no to gelato and Grom is a reliable gelato spot to go to!

Gelato at Grom

The next morning, I woke up early and walked around town. There’s something really nice about being the only one roaming the quaint Italian streets and being able to admire the architecture in peace.

For lunch, I went to Trattoria Caprese who do a 3 course lunch for only €12. I had the fish paccheri, the fish with salad and tiramisu which were all delicious and big portions so great value for money!

Fish paccheri
Fish with salad

In the evening, I went to a little pasta shop called La Bottega della Gina for their handmade tortellini. I had the mixed one which is worthwhile to get if you want to try many of the flavours.

Mixed tortellini

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