Copenhagen, Hamburg & Prague

After my London and Ibiza travels, I ventured to Copenhagen, Aarhus for one night to dump my huge back pack and then did some travel in Hamburg and Prague before the start of the semester. 
I stayed with Mathias in Copenhagen through couchsurfing and he was a great host. He was able to show me the best sights in Copenhagen and tell me about Danes and Danish culture. We visited Nyhavn, Rosenborg Castle, Kastellet, Den Lille Havfrue (Little Mermaid Statue), Royal Library, National Museum (which is free entry), walked through strøget, the main shopping strip and visited Christiania (the free state where weed is legal) and ate Danish pastries and he introduced me to some Danish øl (beer).
 Whilst he was working, I explored Nørrebro and it’s hipster areas, ate delicious durum kebab and walked through the cemetery to visit Hans Christian Andersen’s gave. We went to Bar 7 for amazing cocktails and headed to Carlsberg for the Strøm Urban beach party. We also went to an outdoor cinema in the park and had drinks around Nørrebro.
I really enjoyed Copenhagen and I can’t wait to be back during the semester.
Favourite place – Nyhavn
Rosenborg Castle
The Little Mermaid statue
At Christiania
Cocktails at Bar 7
Matthias & I at the Strom Beach Party
I did a short stay in Hamburg and visited Julian. It was more of a short stop over before heading to Prague. We walked around the harbour city and at night, went out in the Reeperbahn. The Reeperbahn is a must when in Hamburg!

Hamburg harbour


Prague is postcard perfect – everyone who I’ve spoken to who has been here raved on about it and I understand why! It is a beautiful city, much cheaper than other European cities and has a great charm about it.
Prague was full of culture, history and lots to do including the Charles Bridge which was amazing anytime of the day or night, Prague CastleJohn Lennon Wall, went to the Old Town Square to see the Astronomical Clock and the beautiful buildings and market stalls there. We also drank Czech beer at The Pub (where you pour your own beer), ate and drank at Lokal, drank absinthe at the many bars across the city and partied at the five storey club, Karlovy Lazne.
Charles Bridge
Astronomical Clock
Old Town Square
Must have in Prague -trdelnik
John Lennon Wall

Anna & I

The Pub

Anna and I decided to do a day trip to Kutna Hora to see Sedlec Ossuary, the bone church. We caught a bus to the centre of the town and the area was absolutely stunning! We walked around and explored the mountainous area and went to Church of St Barbara. We grabbed some food and beers

Bone church
Amazing views from Church of St Barbara
Beautiful views of Kutna Hora
We waited for the bus to the station for a good 30 minutes and we needed a bus as the last train to Prague was at 9pm. The bus came just in time and we arrived at the train station with a few minutes to spare. We got on our train, set our alarms to get off at 9:45pm (we wanted to sleep before going out again that night) and we lay down. A few minutes into the train ride, the ticket inspection officer comes in and appears annoyed. She looked at our tickets and told us we got on the wrong train! With her limited English, we were told to get off the next stop. Luckily, a Czech couple was able to tell us that the next train came in 40 minutes and we had to change twice to get back to Prague.
 We were in Caslav… It seemed like a ghost town and it was actually quite cold so we went to find some shelter. We found a sports bar and it was filled with old men and also a group of ladies just having some beers. We got a beer each and the owner wanted to take photos of us and the ladies wanted to talk to us to practise their English. It was a lot of fun drinking and chatting with them – they even invited us to stay over in Caslav (though we politely declined).
New friends in Caslav

The next morning we woke up at 5am to see the sunrise at Charles Bridge. It was the best way to leave Prague! It was a great way to end my summer travels with one of my best friends from home in Praha.

Charles Bridge at sunrise

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