Aarhus Adventures #1

It has already been over a month of being in Aarhus. There is always something going on here and I was easily able to adjust into Danish life.

Being Danish

Here’s a little insight on what’s been happening in my life in Aarhus thus far:

The Aarhus Festuge (Festival) was on in the last week of August, uni classes have ramped up and I have also joined Fitness World for 3 months and have been going mainly for the classes. The classes are obviously in Danish and it has been pretty funny trying to pretend I understand it at times. In classes like stram op (tighten up) and HIT classes, I don’t really require an understanding of the language but when I do boxing and crossfit classes, I always have to get someone to translate for me. All my uni classes are at the Nobelparken campus which is a short 5 minute bike ride so I justify that as exercise as well. Unfortunately I don’t have any classes in the Business School next door where I live but I have taken advantage of their free gym (which closed down a few weeks ago though) and the library.

Light show as part of the Aarhus Festuge

I feel like I’ve explored and seen lots in Aarhus such as walking around down town, going to ARoS with the rainbow panorama, eating at the many cafes, shopping as well as experiencing the nightlife here. Night outs are constant here – we always go out on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays nights but I try limit myself during the week since I want to go to the gym. I am also in my kollegiet’s party committee and help set up the bar, do bar work for an hour at our dorm parties and clean up the next day.

Aarhus river
Downtown Aarhus
Mollegade – such a cute street!
Bike in a tree – only in Denmark!
Ben & Jerry’s by the river with ma girl Sarah
Rainbow Panorama in ARoS
Great brunch at Globenflakket
What I’m learning about in one of my classes…
The Studenterhuset (Student House) organises International nights on Tuesday nights. There are also Friday bars at the university campuses including the main campus and Nobelparken campus which are absolutely fantastic – each faculty sets up a bar and the prices are cheap! English, history, chemistry, political science, medicine, Asian, Esperanto, you name it, it exists. My favourite ones so far are political science and medicine!
Group pre drinking before first international party
First international party
Drinking in the lecture rooms on a Fri night

On Friday the 13th, Danmark’s Fredag bar (Denmark’s biggest Friday bar) was on at the main university campus and it felt more like a small festival. We got some beers, walked around and enjoyed the atmosphere. There was live music and it was just a great vibe all in all.

I am always a morning person back home – especially doing 3-4 full days of work plus overloading with 5 subjects last semester, I was always needing to get up early to study then head to work or uni. Early for me at home means 4:30-5am. Things change when you travel and you don’t really have solid commitments. For some reason I decided to book a 6:30am circuit class on a Thursday morning which is so early for me now – it was a pretty intense class which was good. After the class, in the car park of the gym, I was about to get on my bike, but fell off it and knocked a motorbike over. My knees were grazed and I was in a bit of pain and this guy came running over saying something to me in Danish, in a bit of an angry tone. I said I couldn’t speak Danish and he said that it might be hard to pick up the motorbike but we will try. Thankfully we got to get it up and I bolted before any one else saw!

That evening, we decided to do a gin night and it all went down hill from there. We finished the bottle and also drank more in the common room and was ready to head down town. I stupidly got on my bike and made it to the Botanical Gardens then fell twice and that was the end of it! It was crappy at the time but now I laugh and it could’ve been so much worse – since then, I walk down town after drinking.

Gin night!
Gin night
The aftermath!

Our dorm organised kitchen wars – we made teams from our kitchen and we played blind soccer, Tour de Garden, mystery cooking and Charades which was fun. There was a final beer relay but I wasn’t feeling too good so Andreas, Lasse and Abby went for it – Andreas gunned it, Lasse did well but Abby sucked hahaha it was hilarious though and overall we came 2nd but Andreas was so pissed because we didn’t come first haha! That night we also had another kollegiet party then headed down town as per usual.

Kitchen wars – runners up!

BSS organised a trip for the exchange students to Legoland in Billund which brought back many memories of playing lego as a kid. We walked around Mini Land, Pirate Land and we went on water rides, rollercoasters and other fun rides. In the evening, we got free beer from 10-11pm at Gulhornene and finished the night off at Shen Mao.

Day trip to Legoland
It’s Nyhavn.. jokes
Rides at Legoland

Marie visited me and it was great showing her around my city – we went to ARoS, Marselisborg Dyrehave (the deer park) and also went out down town and to the Friday bars. On Friday, there was a cake tasting at the Biology Friday bar. It was the most random thing celebrating a turtle’s birthday but we got to try lots of cake which was a plus. We went to a few other Friday bars including Political Science, Linguistics and headed down town after that to Bar Smil and Cafe Paradis.

ARoS with Marie
Deer Park
Free cake, celebrating a turtle’s birthday haha
Friday bars at Klubbling
My cooking skills are getting better and I swear I spend too much on groceries because I want variety for every single meal but it’s going well haha. We also cook together so it’s always fun. There are 2 supermarkets close by to me – Fakta and Rema 1000 and Stor Center Nord is close by too so there’s Netto plus I can take advantage of the better, varied products at Fotex. As it is generally more expensive to eat out here, I limit eating out but have taken advantage of the breakfast buffets around the city at places such as Ziggy Sidewalk etc. This is one thing I miss about Sydney – having a vast array of good food to eat out at.
I am having the best time here so far and can’t wait for more adventures that are to come including mid semester travels!

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