Aarhus Adventures #3

It’s already December and it’s nearly the end of my exchange in Aarhus. I have a few days left before heading over to the UK for Christmas and New Years then coming back again just to do an exam. This semester has gone super fast and I wish it wouldn’t end!
                                              Christmas lights in downtown Aarhus
Things that have been going on in the last month or so since last posting include:
MMC Christmas Party
The MMC Christmas Party was for all MMC students and was held in a small hall. It was great to see the Danes actually dressed up in dresses and heels and to catch up with friends and make new ones too! We ate traditional Danish food and drank lots and lots of cider, beer and Danish snaps – they were home made and there was a variety of flavours (some weren’t so good!) but it was great to get into the Danish tradition.
                                                            MMC Christmas Party
                                                         Tegan & I at MMC party
Abby, Sarah and I decided we really needed to see a bit more of Denmark before our time here comes to an end. Although the train tickets to Skagen were pretty ridiculously priced, we decided to make a day trip here to go to the most northern tip in Denmark.
Skagen is stunning – I would love to come back in the summer but it still had it’s charm in winter. We walked about 4.5km to Grenen and we were at the most northern tip of Denmark where the two waters meet. It was pretty windy but it was cool to see it! We also went to Skagen Museum and it cost 90kr to get in – we thought it was bit too much but ended up getting a discount so we only paid 40kr. It was such a small museum but was nice to see the paintings which are worth so much money.
                                                         Where the two seas meet
Abby, Sarah & I at Grenen

Liz coming to visit!

Liz really decided to come on the best day – when Denmark was experiencing Cyclone Xaver (Bodil). I thought the Danes were really overreacting as we had a “hurricane” previously but there was force 12 winds so it was pretty serious. I was getting anxious as she was catching a train from CPH to here and they were cancelling trains from 2pm. Liz was getting on the 1:30pm one and she got on the train to Fyn and later told me that she got a maxi taxi to Aarhus ($400 later) but she only paid $10! Our plans of going for cocktails were void but I cooked her dinner and relaxed (whilst rushing through to finish my PR assignment). The crazy weather brought the first snow of winter at night and it looked magical!
I was able to show her around and take her to some Aarhus gems including Kejserriget for a yummy 3 course breakfast, ARoS, the deer park and shopping down town. We also explored Den Gamble By, the old town and had some nice meals out. We went to the Friday bars and went to Nobel night at Nobelparken and we had a fun time there.
First snow of winter woohoo
                                           3 course brunch with Liz at Kejserriget
Aarhus Old Town
At Den Gamle By
Emmerys Cafe
Sarah’s dorm party
Tour de Chambre
Kitchen 7 had their Tour de Chambre – it translates to “tour of the chambers” and you set up a unique drink and game and go to each room in your dorm. I wasn’t original at all in choosing an “Australia” theme but it was the easiest. Welcome shots were actually Polish vodka (bison grass flavour) but I put food colouring in to create a green and gold theme. I bought a goon bag and the game I played was a quiz based on answering Australia related questions – if you got it wrong, you got gooned. Tim Tams were also a treat as well (have to admit the Danes did not appreciate it as much as an Aussie would!) Liz joined in which was fun.
                                                                  Australia theme
Goon, tim tams and shots
                                                             Andreas, Mark & I
David came to visit
David’s visit was short and sweet – we went to ARoS, walked around down town, went to Olio for a two course meal and Cafe Drudenfuss to eat. Also I gave a lot of my stuff for him to take home – Thanks David!!!
In terms of uni, PR assignment was due on the day Liz arrived and I showed her our campus whilst handing it in. I had the Cross Cultural Negotiation oral exam super early on Wednesday morning and I received a 12 (highest grade!) which I was stoked about! I still have the EU in the Global World exam in early January which is such a pain but on the Wednesday night, we went out to celebrate (as it was most people’s last night/week anyway).
Herr Bartels with Friendship Ambassadors group
Herr Bartels
Things I will miss about exchange, Aarhus & Denmark
– The small town feel of Aarhus – being able to bike ride everywhere and be in close proximity to everything.
– Each and every single person I have met during my exchange that impacted my experience.
– Riding my bike everywhere.
– Going to Fitness World and doing the gym classes. Despite not wanting to ride up the little hill, feeling so satisfied after completing a class which is run in Danish.
– Waking up hungover as hell and having Abby, Mark and the rest being able to sympathise with you because they are on the same boat.
– Seeing attractive Danes everywhere.
Things I won’t miss about exchange, Aarhus & Denmark
– The unstructured routine – feeling aimless because of not being busy.
– The cold weather and short winter days.
– Riding my bike up the hills!
– Although being the minority here, people asking “where are you from” and when saying “Australia”, questioning it which shows the narrow mindedness of some Danes especially about Australia and Asian culture.
– The way Danes interact with strangers – can be a little rude.

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