Aarhus Adventures #2

The usual has been going on such as uni and nights out as well as Emily visiting, Halloween, Thanksgiving dinner and J Dag. I also did a day trip to Ebeltoft with Alejandro and went on the ESN Sea Battle Cruise from Stockholm in Sweden to Tallinn in Estonia.
My bike broke on the middle of the road on my way back from uni one day and is a write off. I bought another bike for 700kr which I thought was a pretty good deal and I really do need it as it is my means to easily get around.
New bike
I came back from Oslo and caught the bus from Aarhus airport to the rutebilstation and met Emily there. That night, we went to a party at a kollegiet down town and went to a few bars. Em could not handle the liquorice shots haha.

It was great seeing her and we had a very chill weekend apart from the nights out as she didn’t feel like doing much (after 5 months of travelling!). We had the Halloween themed kollegiet party which was a lot of fun. She also came to my PR class at 8am on Monday morning – pretty hilarious and she can vouch how bad it is!

Kollegiet party with Em
Halloween party at Tandlaekollegiet
Free cocktails at Zenza
Free drinks all night

J Dag (J Day) is celebrated on the first Friday of November when the limited edition Christmas beer (juleøl) comes out by Tuborg. All Danes celebrate it and we celebrated by going to the Friday bars at uni then heading down town.  

J Dag imitating ranga Raz
When Gabri came to visit at Friday bars
Ebeltoft is an hour or so away from Aarhus by bus and is a small harbour city with old buildings, half timbered houses and its cobbled stone streets. The longest wooden warship in the world is also located here and is called “Fregatten Jylland”. I had the best steak sandwich at Glascafeen and we enjoyed the walk around the town. It was very quiet as it is a tourist spot with its many summer houses and get busy during June-September.
Frigate Jylland
Best steak sandwich in Ebeltoft
Exploring Ebeltoft
Streets of Ebeltoft
Alejandro kindly invited us over for a Thanksgiving dinner – there was lots of good food including turkey and pumpkin pie and it was nice to celebrate a tradition that we don’t have back in Australia.
Thanksgiving at Alejandro’s dorm
ESN Sea Battle was a lot of fun, meeting new people as well as having fun with friends. We also got to explore beautiful Stockholm and historic Tallinn.
Stockholm views
Ice Skating in Stockholm
Cruise ship
Some of the boys and Tegan
Fun times with Nyasha
Babette & I in Tallinn old town
View of Tallinn

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