Roskilde Festival 2014

Roskilde Festival is one of the largest festivals in Northern Europe with some of the best international artists. With 4 days of “warm up” acts where up and coming artists (mainly Scandinavian) can showcase their talents and then another 4 days of music, it really is a festival that caters for everyone.

Roskilde Crew

When I was on exchange, the Danes and internationals who have been had raved on it about so I made sure I would go to the festival at least once in my life.

Whilst we were waiting for a bus from Roskilde to the festival grounds, Loui and I talked to some Danes and were so surprised these girls were only 16 year olds. Apparently you can go to the festival at any age but have to be at least 15 years to camp for the full 8 days. In Australia, if anyone under 18 years was allowed to go to a festival like this, it would not go down well! Just shows the differences in how the younger generation act and are brought up here.

I had the opportunity to work at Sputnik Bar in exchange for an 8 day camping ticket. I thought this was the best way to do it as you worked 3 shifts (approx. 30 hours), take advantage of the volunteer grounds, hot showers and get drink and food vouchers in return whilst being able to enjoy the festival atmosphere and music. Even when we were working, we were able to enjoy the music as we were located right near the Apollo stage.

With approximately 150,000 festival goes, the festival was like a small Danish city. There were different sections of the festival such as “Dream City”, “Relax City”, “Game City” including the Nordic Race and Roskilde Dating Services and other fun things like that! Food and drink prices are so much more reasonable than Sydney festivals and there was even a place where you could use fresh ingredients and make your own meal.

Some of the amazing artists we saw include:
– Stevie Wonder
– The Rolling Stones
– Bastille
– Outkast
– MØ
– Icona Pop
– Lykke Li
– Deerhunter
– Diplo
– Haim
– Trentemøller


Due to working, I did miss out on Major Lazer who were apparently insane! Drake also pulled out pretty last minute.

The festival was a crazy, awesome experience and there is nothing I have experienced like this so far. I encourage those who are in Europe to check out this festival, even if it’s not for the 8 full days. I would love to be back at some point!

Trying to get the best camping spot – crazy Danes!
During our first night shift
With Loui
Skate Park
Chilling by the skate park
Nordic Race completed
With new friends!
Camping crew
At Outkast

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