We meet again Berlin!

After leaving Roskilde Festival on early Monday morning (4am) to Copenhagen and spending a night at Henry’s place to recover, Loui and I caught an 8 hour bus to Berlin.

We had the pleasure of staying at Maike’s lovely apartment for the first day in Ostkreuz and that evening, we went down to the outdoor pubs to watch the Brazil vs Germany game whilst drinking beers. It was a fantastic match where Germany took out the game 7-1 and the atmosphere was phenomenal.

It was my third time in Berlin but as always, there is plenty to do, see and eat! We visited the East Side Gallery, walked around Tiergarten, went up the Victory Column (Siegessaule), had an amazing burger at Bürgermeister, saw the Brandenburg Gate and walked around Alexanderplatz. We saw the Berlin Wall, went to Checkpoint Charlie and Topographie des Terrors.  We went around Mitte and saw the Berliner Dom (cathedral) and the famous TV tower. We went to Markthalle and tried so many delicious dishes then met some new friends and had beers by the lakes whilst the sun was setting.

We stayed at a hotel for 2 nights and it was so well needed after the 8 days at Roskilde. We got complimentary wine and also went to the gym where we did a ABT class in German. Loui and I couldn’t stop laughing in that class!

Auf wiedersehen Berlin – it’s been fun!

East Side Gallery
                                                          East Side Gallery with Loui
Bürgermeister – so delicious
Our mate who’s born and lived in Berlin his whole life – he loved Aussies and told us of his travels in Australia
Amazing platter at Markthalle
Beers with Mark at Markthalle
                                                                 Loui, me & Mark
Berliner Dom
Complimentary wine at our hotel

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