Weekend Trip – El Caminito Del Rey & Granada, Spain

Another weekend, another weekend trip – this time to Spain! We flew in and out of Malaga but spent majority of our time doing the El Caminito Del Rey walk and in Granada.

I thought this would be a warmer weekend away given we were going to Spain but Granada due to its proximity to the mountains, was actually colder than London! Nevertheless, we had a great time getting into nature, eating all the tapas and drinking all the wine and exploring new places.

El Caminito Del Rey

We picked up the hire car from Malaga Airport on Saturday morning and drove approximately 45 minutes to the car park to do El Caminito Del Rey. We started at the North Access which was a 2.7km easy walk from the car park.

We booked the 8:30am time slot but were a little late as we didn’t factor in the 2.7km walk from the car parking area to the start. Make sure you give around 20-30 mins to reach it.

The El Caminito Del Rey trail is 5km in length and is a super easy walk. There are no uphills and it’s pretty much flat all the way.

You get given a hard hat and ours wasn’t a guided tour so we could walk at our pace. At the beginning, it wasn’t my idea of fun as there were groups of tours who were blocking the pathways. The crowds then died down as you started overtaking people which made it a really pleasant walk.


On the way to Granada, we stopped by at Antequera for lunch. It was a 35 minute drive from the car park at El Caminito Del Rey. We went to a restaurant called Cerveceria Casa Diego which was outside the city centre so there was lots of parking and filled with only locals inside.

We shared a bottle of red wine and shared the iberico jamon, cheese, patatas bravas, the aubergine with honey (a specialty in the region), the fried calamari, croquettas and the octopus (highlight!). Everything was delicious and we were stuffed!


We arrived in Granada around 3pm and checked into our hotel. We then returned the car at the train station and explored the city by foot.

We walked up to the various miradors in the city which offered amazing views of the city.

As the sun set, we headed to the tapas bars for drinks and food. We started at Bodegas Castaneda and we got some drinks and food. Most places here give free food when you buy a drink which is pretty handy. We mostly bought extra food though.

Next, we went to Bodega Los Tintos. It was super packed when we got there but we got a little corner and ordered wine and sangria and got free food with our drinks again. This place was one of our favourites and it had a good local vibe!

You can’t come to Spain and not have churros. We went to Cafe Futbol and had the most delicious (2 portions for 4 people) and this really hit the spot!

The next day, we woke up early and walked up to Alhambra. We had 8:30am tickets to Palacio Nazaries and explored the area which is stunning and made our way through the other parts of Alhambra such as the Alcazaba and the beautiful gardens. We spent just over 2 hours exploring.

We picked up a jamon sandwich on the way to a cafe (so, so good!) and we went to Cafe Pastelería López-Mezquita for a hot chocolate. It was super rich but so good!

We walked around the cathedral area and the tiny alleyways with shops.

For our final lunch, we went to Tabernas Salinas. We had some drinks and shared the squid ink rice and a lamb dish – both were delicious!

We all caught the same bus from Granada bus station to Malaga but I stayed on to Malaga airport as the others had a later flight. The bus costs €11.70 but it is best to pre book as sometimes the bus might be full.

Unfortunately there were delays again which is always a bit frustrating when all you want to do is go home, after a great weekend.

Granada was a great weekend trip destination with the perfect amount of food, drink and sight seeing! I will definitely be back to explore more of the Andalusia area of Spain!

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