Weekend in Luxembourg

Weekend trips in Europe in December means colder weather but it also means festive Christmas markets.

With cheap flights to Luxembourg (but not so cheap accommodation), the main reason for the trip was to tick off another European country and to enjoy the Christmas markets.

Michael and I stayed at 2 nights at Le Royal Luxembourg which was super nice and right in the city centre which made it super convenient to walk everywhere.

I arrived quite late on Friday evening and went straight from the hotel to Kaale Kaffi, a cute art/antique bar for a drink. We then went to The Tube for drinks and after it closed, we headed to Apoteca which was good fun.

The next morning, Michael and I had breakfast at Chique-o-Latte. We strolled around the city centre and then went to Chocolate House Nathalie Bonn for their amazing chocolate on a spoon that you mixed with warm milk.

There are 3 different Christmas markets in the city centre and we explored all three especially for the food and drinks.

It was a great city break and I am glad I got to experience a new country, however I won’t be racing back here.

2 thoughts on “Weekend in Luxembourg

  1. i’ve been all over Europe but Luxembourg is one of those destination I haven’t been… and honestly I don´t know why… now with your post and photos would love to go there, maybe I should take the chance and enjoy some winter days there eheh greetings from Portugal, PedroL

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