Easter Long Weekend in Berlin

The last time I visited Berlin was back in 2014, so it was nice to spend a long weekend there over Easter. Berlin can be a crazy place but also one of history, culture and beauty underneath it all. You can’t go wrong with the food and drink scene either!

Day 1

I arrived on the Friday and we ended up walking around the Friedrichshain area and stopped by at Okay Cafe for a late lunch where I had the wild garlic pesto grilled cheese toastie which was tasty and filling.

We walked around and headed to Kinderbauernhof Mauerplatz where there were lots of farm animals and then went to Bonanza Coffee Roasters where I had a hot chocolate to keep warm.

In the evening, we went for some cocktails at booze bar which had great cocktails with helpful staff.

Day 2

The next morning we walked to the East Side Gallery – it’s 1.3km and since I was last in Berlin in 2014, some of the classics are still there but it’s cool to see that a lot has changed.

We caught the S7 train to S Grunewald, then walked around 30 mins to Teufelsberg which was a former US listening station in the Cold War but now it’s filled with street art and graffiti. It costs €8 to enter so make sure to bring cash. It was cool to walk around and see all the different art in a historical spot and get outside of the city.

We came back towards Alexanderplatz and went to Monsieur Vuong for lunch. We shared the pork and prawn spring rolls and I had the pho bo which was decent!

Matt, a friend from London was in town as well so went to meet him for a beer at Hofbrau. It was nice to catch up!

We walked around Alexanderplatz and around the impressive Berliner Dom (cathedral).

In the evening, we headed to MezzeBar by Montraw. The cocktails were creative but tasty and the food was delicious. The highlights were the merguz sausage, duck liver pate and the short rib. The service also very good so I highly recommend coming here when you’re in Berlin!

We wanted to go to Kink Bar and Restaurant but it was full. We stumbled across Herman Belgian Bar nearby. The beer range was great, staff were good banter and we had a really fun time. We then went to another bar down the road for some more drinks.

Day 3

The next morning, we headed to Prenzlauer Berg and it was lovely to walk around the area. We headed up to Mauerpark which is a good spot to come on a Sunday as it’s bustling with the flea market.

It was a great long weekend trip in Berlin and even though it was my 4th time here, there’s always something new to do and visit!

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