Day Trip to Paris

The thing I love most about living in London is the ease of travelling to Europe – you can either hop on a plane or train and be in a new destination from as little as 1-2 hours.

We took advantage of the Eurostar sales and booked a day trip to Paris. Why only a day? I’ve been to Paris many times and it was nice to not worry about luggage and accommodation and just enjoy the day there.

We took the 5:59am train from St Pancras International and arrived at Gare du Nord at 10am. Our first stop was Stohrer, one of Paris’ oldest patisseries where we grabbed a pastry. We started walking towards Notre Dame and then Le Marais and walked around the area.

For lunch, we went to Septime which is on the top 50 world’s best restaurants. Bookings are hard to get (must call at 10am 3 weeks prior) but they do hold one walk in which is bar counter. We were lucky to go at 11:45am and ask for the table. The menu is a surprise (5 course for €65) and they give two snacks at the beginning which was a spring vegetable soup and dip with . Staff were excellent and super helpful and I’d highly recommend going if you can!

We went to Galeries Lafayette and enjoyed the rooftop views from the terrace.

Cedric has opened up in Knightsbridge in London where lines were long but we thought here the hype would have died down. It was still busy and we were disappointed to find only 3 pastries on offer. We got this vanilla flower tart and for €16, I wouldn’t say it’s worth it given there’s so many other good pastry places in Paris.

We stopped at which is nearby the Louvre and enjoyed a drink in the sun.

Our final stop was Early June to have a snack before the train. They change their residencies often and Joel Aronsson from Sweden was cooking up the storm – we shared the langoustine, veal tartare and smoked eel which were all fresh and tasty and we washed it down with some champagne.

We walked back to Gare du Nord for our 8:13pm train back to London and was satisfied with the fabulous day we had.

It was such a lovely day and evening to spend in Paris and I highly recommend this!

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