Geneva & Annecy Long Weekend

The May bank holiday means another long weekend away. We visited Geneva in Switzerland and Annecy in France and spent two nights in Annecy.


We flew into Geneva on at midday on Saturday, picked up the car and headed straight for lunch. We went to Cafe du Soleil (which is apparently over 400 years old!) and it was nice sitting outside in the sun where we enjoyed cheese fondue, steak frites and a duck dish.

Afterwards we went to the city centre and walked around the harbour area and old town.



We only stayed a few hours in Geneva before heading to Annecy in France. It is only 50 minutes away by car. The small town is famous for it’s beautiful lake and the town looks like it’s from a fairy tale.

We stayed at Atipik Alexander Hotel which was right in the Old Town and it was a great place to base ourselves.

We went to Beer O’Clock for a drink before dinner.

For dinner, we went to Cozna and the food was fantastic. We shared a number of things including pate, an egg dish, pork, lobster, beef and lamb. We paid around €40 for a lot of food including dessert. Highly recommend!

The next morning, Sam and I went to climb Mont Baron. Unfortunately the weather conditions were not in our favour as it was snowing (in May!) so we got to the top and could see nothing! It was still nice to walk up and enjoy the hike.

Afterwards, we came back down and got a lift back to Annecy with Tina and Emma and then had a shower and got ready before heading to the Sunday markets with its fresh produce.

For lunch, we went to Quai 10 and had crepes which were so satisfying!

Afterwards, we went to Palais de l’Ile which was formerly a medieval castle and prison. It was free entry as it was the first Sunday of the month.

There are a few ice cream places in Annecy but my favourite was Le Palais Des Glaces.

Afterwards, we walked around the lake area which was very relaxing!

We decided to take a drive down towards Lac du Bourget which would take approximately an hour. Unfortunately as we were getting closer to the lake (we could see it on the drive down), we got a flat tyre. Luckily a lovely couple helped and we were lucky that one of them worked actually worked as a mechanic in a garage! It was hilarious driving back on the highways at max speed 70.

We got back to Annecy, in time for our dinner reservation at Auberge de Savoie. The food was good but the atmosphere was a bit more stuffy.

The next morning I went to grab breakfast and walk around with no crowds!


We headed back to Geneva and we went to a car repair shop to get the tyre replaced but since it was a winter tyre, they were all out of stock. We dropped Emma at the airport and then went to the United Nations Headquarters for a tour. It was interesting to learn about what they are doing there and at UNICEF.

It was a great little weekend away with fantastic scenery, good food and good company!

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